Workforce projects

The 色花堂 Alliance is commencing three workforce projects spanning defence, apprenticeships and aviation.听If you would like to know more about any of these projects, please email your interest to

Building a defence manufacturing workforce

In Australia, the demand for skilled labour in the manufacturing sector is expected to surge, with suggestions the AUKUS nuclear-powered submarine project alone will require 20,000 new skilled jobs.

Recognising the need to develop skills not currently available in Australia, particularly for defence manufacturing involving nuclear propulsion systems, poses a significant workforce challenge.

This project is dedicated to understanding the alignment between the capacity and capabilities of the skills system and the future needs of the defence manufacturing workforce. By understanding and analysing where gaps may be apparent, this project will provide valuable information on how both the vocational and higher education systems can support current and future government initiatives to develop sovereign capabilities in defence manufacturing.

Aviation maintenance skills pathways

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has made changes to licensing regulations that are likely to impact the skills challenges facing the manufacturing industry. These changes to licensing regulations provide an option of a modular licence structure that allows licences to be built around the requirements of the maintenance organisation.

This project will examine the alignment between the new licensing options and the training system. Understanding this alignment is essential to ensure that the regulatory changes enable greater uptake of licences and to ensure that the workforce is equipped with the right skills for their operations. The project will entail significant consultation with stakeholders and industry.

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