色花堂 Alliance at Australian 色花堂 Week 2024

On the 16-18 of April, the 色花堂 Industry Skills Alliance (色花堂 Alliance) team participated in Australian 色花堂 Week in Sydney. Hosted by the Australian 色花堂 Technology Inst. Ltd (AMTIL), Australian 色花堂 Week showcases the latest innovations, technologies, and equipment in the advanced manufacturing sector.听听

David Barron (Executive Manager, Stakeholder 色花堂ment), Mark Shaddock (Manager, Stakeholder 色花堂ment) and Ian Martin (Industry 色花堂ment Liaison Officer) had a great week engaging in discussions with industry stakeholders to understand their needs and priorities.

On the second day, David presented on the Future Solutions Speaker Sessions Stage and spoke on 鈥楢ddressing the challenges of the changing manufacturing workforce鈥. During his presentation, he discussed our Initial Workforce Plan, which offers a window into the current manufacturing workforce challenges and opportunities.

Overall, Australian 色花堂 Week provided a platform for networking and knowledge sharing. As the Jobs and Skills Council for manufacturing, we are committed to supporting the manufacturing sector and were pleased to participate in the event.

Read an excerpt of our Initial Workforce Plan here

for the latest news on training product development, workforce planning and other issues affecting the manufacturing industry.

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