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So Meka and I met up at 5:00AM at starbucks to plan something productive. Mainly we sat down just writing ideas on a napkin and tried making a plan for when we film it. A friend of ours literally just told us to do it that exact day and that's what we did. We wanted to experiment off of a product commercial. Nothing very specific we just knew that's what we wanted to make and to vlog the experience on top of that.


A few days earlier I tried experimenting with the same idea of a black backdrop, a drill, and a water tank. But with fruit. Working with fruit gets super annoying if you are gonna repetitively toy it around over and over and over because it'll usually get very sticky, soggy, and all over the place. It is really not fun to clean up and I think I'll never look at raspberries the same ever again. This whole thing ended up having to be scrapped due to a few reasons. 1, the slow motion wasn't filmed on 120fps, second, I forgot to get a clean plate, and last, the shots were just ugly and out of focus looking. Working by yourself with just two hands isn't fun.


We were so ready for actually nailing the product commercial. Mainly because this time I didn't want to go into the fruit direction. We planned around trying to think what this "product" would be. We looked at references of what commercials have done in the past. Coffee, perfume, tech, and then we saw soda cans. We decided to go with the soda cans because we can still apply it to the ideas I have tried to do with the fruit but this time we can redeem ourselves. We went to walmart and got oranges and the soda can product. Idk why we even had to travel out there because we had literally everything we needed anyway. But it was worth it for the vlog experience i guess. When we got back we setted up the first shot we wanted and the set up felt much nicer and organized then the first attempt which was pretty good to see. Everytime there was a conflict we took it slow pretty much. There were some other cool attempts we could try out that we couldn't do with the fruit and that is opening the soda can and pouring it into a cup. It was cool, but didn't make the final cut anyway. Did i tell you that I broke the glass tank?? Yeah I suck for that. We instead replaced it with a water pitcher.


Ok cool news, the video got done. For our first experiment with a black backdrop advertisement, i'm pretty pleased with the results. Yes now i realize there was so so much more we could have done. But hey, you gotta learn through what you do so one project at a time! The entire commercial was edited only using Davinci Resolve 17. Pretty good software and I'm too obsessed over it.

This will be the start of the rebirth of the channel. i'm going to try keeping it weekly. hopefully we can stay consistent fingers crossed!

You can find the full vlog here:

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