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Consistent productivity

Hey guys! Ian here. It’s been a while since a previous blog. Actually, these blogs are still just beginning because there is literally nothing on here (as far as now) For the road Squill is heading is still undetermined and is going to take a lot of time to figure out and get going! No, this doesn’t mean squill is unsuccessfully doing bad, Squill is actually at it’s highest point yet with many gigs coming up! But, since consistency is needing to be more and more involved, the base is going to expand And change a bit. If ou might notice, the website is going to slowly change too. Since Squill is now branching on with another video production business that I will be heavily involved with, I mainly want to make this an individual portfolio kind of website where engagement and connections can happen! I promise I will try feeding the page with more updated blogs, and I hope you stay tuned for what’s to come! Thank you all so much for your love and support as it really means everything to me. Time to chase some dreams! God bless.

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