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Ian Garrone, Founder of Squill Films

Greetings! My name is Ian Garrone, the owner of Squill Films. I have been exploring the art of film making since I was just a child. Starting with a passion for comic books, story telling has caught my interest so much that I thought of endless stories to create on my own! Since then, I made my own homemade comics and then opened up the YouTube channel known as Squill. From making videos on Squill, I knew I needed to step up my passion to the next level and bring my ideas to life. I found friends that I grew up with and all have the same interest as I do in film making! Together, we combined our skills and and grew from our mistakes over the years.  

My life long dream is to become part of the film industry! I stepped up my film making passion by competing against the nation, and also making connections! The passion for film isn't to just satisfy the audience and compete against other film makers, it's to make the long lasting connections and share your skills to benefit others.

It has been a dream to develop myself as an individual, and also provide for people the skills of what I love and do best!

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